Rook Blonko
Rook Blonko (B10HG)
His artwork for Hero Galaxy v4
Version Debut Ben 10: Hero Galaxy v4 Demo (as a little programmed thing)

Ben 10: Hero Galaxy v4 (with his full body)

Type Playable Character
Creator MT10

Rook Blonko is a playable character, it was controlled along with Ben Tennyson and has a alien intelligence.


  • Left and Right: Follow Ben/Move
  • A: Shooting

Laser Gun ModeEdit

  • A: Shooting Lasers

Bow ModeEdit

  • A: Shooting three arrows

Blade ModeEdit

  • A: Cut Attack

Shield ModeEdit

  • A: Spiked Shield

Future ControlsEdit

  • Space: Action (like Ben Tennyson, by pushing levers, but Rook will has a exclusive action who hack PCs using the Proto-Tool)

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