Lava Tile
Helper Incurseans
Bullfrag's Helper Incurseans traveling the Lava Tile
Version Debut Ben 10: Hero Galaxy v4.3
Type Hazard
Creator MT10
Effect Burn character

Nothing (to some aliens and Rook)

The Lava Tile is a hazard that debuted in Ben 10: Hero Galaxy v4.3. It was the first hazard to be sucessfully published.


  • Ben Tennyson: Ben will burn when touch the Lava Tile.
  • Rook Blonko: Will activate the Shield Mode when touch the Lava Tile.
  • Heatblast: Nothing.
  • Wildmutt: Wildmutt will burn when touch the Lava Tile.
  • Ball Weevil: Ball Weevil will create a slimeball and walk in it until the Omnitrix time out.
  • Rath: Rath will throws water.
  • Astrodacytl: Nothing, because Astrodacytl can fly over the Lava Tile.
  • Gravattack: Nothing.
  • Bullfrag: Helper Incurseans will appears and help Bullfrag.
  • Kickin Hawk: Kickin Hawk wil burn when touch the Lava Tile.
  • Portaler: Portaler will turn into a ball when touch the Lava Tile.
  • Feedback: Feedback will absorbs water and create a water shield.
  • Chromastone: Nothing.
  • NRG: Nothing.
  • Bloxx: Will turn into a plane and fly over the lava tile.

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