Cyber Box
Cyber Box
The normally Cyber Box, added in v4.1
Version Debut Ben 10: Hero Galaxy v4.1
Type Object
Creator MT10
Effect None

The Cyber Box was a electric cyan box who can be destroyed by 8 alien forms of the Omnitrix. It was debuted in the version 4.1 in Hero Galaxy.

Able DestroyersEdit

  • Heatblast: Will burn out the box when closer to him, making the box self-destructing.
  • Wildmutt: Will broke the box when closer to him, making the box exploding.
  • Rath: Will use his claws, being able to make the box explodes when closer to him.
  • Astrodacytl: Will use his energy whip, destroying the box circuits, making it explodes.
  • Gravattack: After picking rocks with the gravity, will attack the box, making it explodes.
  • Kickin Hawk: After kicking it out, will broke his circuits, making it explodes.
  • Portaler: Will dash out the box, making it explodes.
  • Feedback: Will destroy the box with thunders.

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